Speaking Lesson – Conversation about Sharing News and Information

Hallo everybody.
Why have not you learned English seriously? Many people seem reluctant to learn English. They say English in school just as a lesson for exam, yet I am not working in a field that requires English skill. Or, ah, I do not like English because it’s dificult, complicated and need more understanding. Duh, throw away that thought because English can give you some advantages that more than just a material. If you want to succeed, you MUST learn English. Not just necessary anymore.

Language is a habit, so if we want to master a language we have to use it every day. Well, how to master English? Though English is a foreign language in our country. If we have parents or relatives who can speak English, it’s easy! We can communicate with them using English. But if there is no patner to speak English, what mush we do? Do we have to talk to ourselves? Oww, it’s like a mad man. Hehehe

There are many ways to learn. If there is no friend for a partner, it’s better to practice yourself. Later, you will be considered as a crazy man! It’s no problem. The important thing is you can speak English. Let’s start from now we learn to speak everyday! It’s very important to improve our English.

Okay, Today we will learn Conversation about Sharing News and Information.



A: Did you hear the news?

B: What happened?

A: Our cousin went into labor and had her baby last week.

B: She did? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

A: I would’ve thought that somebody would have told you.

B: No, I had no idea.

A: Well, she did, her baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: Oh my God, that’s great!

A: Are you going to go and visit her and the baby?

B: I think that I might.

A: Good! I just thought I’d let you know.

B: Thanks for telling me.



A: Have you heard what happened?

B: Heard what?

A: Debrah already had her baby.

B: I didn’t know that.

A: I thought you knew.

B: I honestly didn’t know.

A: The baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: That’s good to hear.

A: Will you go and visit them?

B: Of course I will.

A: I just wanted to give you the good news.

B: Thanks for letting me know.



A: Have you heard the news?

B: I haven’t heard anything.

A: Debrah had her baby last week.

B: Nobody told me.

A: I thought you heard.

B: I really wasn’t told anything.

A: She was a cute 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: Wow, how exciting.

A: I know, you should really go and see her and the baby.

B: Of course I will.

A: I just wanted to let you know what happened.

B: I appreciate that.

If you are not lazy to practice, surely, you will master English. Please Remember, don’t get bored to practice and practice. Are you tired? Okey, let’s take a rest. The lesson for today is enough. If you have not taken a bath, take bathe, please take a bath, he he … But, after taking a bath, let’s exercise again,, oke..

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