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Albuquerque; City in United States – The United States is a country located in the northern part of the American continent. This country is known as the United States of America (USA). America is a federal constitutional republic consisting of fifty states and a federal district.

The capital of the United States of America is Washington DC. While the largest city in America is New York City. With an area of 9.83 million square kilometers and a population of 315 million people, the United States is the third largest country in the world and the third largest by population.

The United States is one of the most multiethnic and multicultural countries in the world. This arises due to massive immigration from various parts of the world. The climate and geography of the United States are also very diverse and the country is home to a wide variety of species.

Okay, on this occasion the BRITISH Course will provide a description of a city in the United States. The city we will be discussing is Albuquerque City.

Albuquerque City

Albuquerque (/ˈælbəkɜːrki/) AL-bə-kur-kee; Spanish: [alβuˈkeɾke]), abbreviated ABQ, is the most populous city in the U.S. state of New Mexico, Its nicknames, The Duke City and Burque, both reference its founding in 1706 as La Villa de Alburquerque by Nuevo México governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdés. Named in honor of the Viceroy of New Spain, the 10th Duke of Alburquerque, the city was an outpost on El Camino Real linking Mexico City to the northernmost territories of New Spain.

Located in the Albuquerque Basin, the city is flanked by the Sandia Mountains to the east and the West Mesa to the west, with the Rio Grande and bosque flowing north-to-south. According to the 2020 census, Albuquerque had 564,559 residents, making it the 32nd-most populous city in the United States and the fourth largest in the Southwest. The Albuquerque metropolitan area had 916,528 residents as of July 2020, and forms part of the Albuquerque–Santa Fe–Las Vegas combined statistical area, which numbers 1,162,523 as of January 2020.

Albuquerque is a hub for technology and media companies, historic landmarks, and the fine arts. The city is known for hosting the University of New Mexico, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the Gathering of Nations, the New Mexico State Fair, as well as for its diverse restaurant scene, which features both New Mexican and global cuisine.


Albuquerque (/ˈælbəkɜːrki/) AL-bə-kur-kee; Spanyol: [alβuˈkeɾke]), disingkat ABQ, adalah kota terpadat di negara bagian New Mexico AS, julukannya, The Duke City dan Burque, keduanya mengacu pada pendiriannya pada tahun 1706 sebagai La Villa de Alburquerque oleh Gubernur Nuevo México Francisco Cuervo y Valdes. Dinamakan untuk menghormati Raja Muda Spanyol Baru, Adipati Alburquerque ke-10, kota ini merupakan pos terdepan di El Camino Real yang menghubungkan Kota Meksiko dengan wilayah paling utara Spanyol Baru.

Terletak di Cekungan Albuquerque, kota ini diapit oleh Pegunungan Sandia di timur dan Mesa Barat di barat, dengan Rio Grande dan bosque mengalir dari utara ke selatan. Menurut sensus tahun 2020, Albuquerque memiliki 564.559 penduduk, menjadikannya kota terpadat ke-32 di Amerika Serikat dan terbesar keempat di Barat Daya. Wilayah metropolitan Albuquerque memiliki 916.528 penduduk per Juli 2020, dan merupakan bagian dari gabungan wilayah statistik Albuquerque–Santa Fe–Las Vegas, yang berjumlah 1.162.523 per Januari 2020.

Albuquerque adalah pusat perusahaan teknologi dan media, bangunan bersejarah, dan seni rupa. Kota ini terkenal sebagai tuan rumah Universitas New Mexico, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Gathering of Nations, New Mexico State Fair, serta beragam restorannya, yang menampilkan masakan New Mexico dan global.

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