Six Preposition Rules Quiz

Task No. 172
Choose the Correct Answer for the Questions Below. It tests what you learned on the Six Preposition Rules page.

This task is about Six Preposition Rules. If you need reference about this material before do this task, you can visit :

Six Preposition Rules

Answer the following questions.

Question 1

Which is correct? "I forwarded the e-mail to _______ all. "

Question 2

Which is the preposition + object? "Do you still want to meet on Saturday?"

Question 3

A preposition _______ has an object.

Question 4

A preposition usually comes _______ its object.

Question 5

Which is the object of a preposition? "I'd like to book a seat next to the window."

Question 6

In which sentence is the word to used as a preposition?

Question 7

Complete the golden preposition rule: "A preposition is followed by _______ . It is never followed by _______ ."

Question 8

Which list only contains prepositions?

Question 9

Complex prepositions are _______ phrases.

Question 10

A pronoun following a preposition should be in the _______ form.

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