News Items Text; Definition, Generic Structures, Purposes, Language Features

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In this night, it’s better for us to study English, because in the night we will have a good concentration to learn. It is not good if on the occasion like this we just watch television or use our mobile phone to open facebook, twitter, or whatsup. Right? But it doesn’t mean that I prohibit you to watch television or use your mobile phone. If you can use them wisely those are also good for you.

English material that we will discuss now is news items text. Before I explain it, I want to ask you, Do you like watching news in television? Do you like reading newspaper? If you like doing all those things, it means that you are familiar with news item text, but what is news item text? Many students do not know what exactly it is. Although, this text is learned in senior high school, most of them still get difficulties when they are asked to write news item text.

Before you try to make a news item text, it is better if you know first ‘what is news item text?’. News item text is a text that relates to the news. There are two kinds of news item text, written and spoken. News that we read in newspaper is written text form. News that we hear in radio or television is spoken text form. This text also has generic structure. Those are newsworthy event, sources and background events.

Definition of News Item

News item text is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are considered newsworthy or important.

It means if there is an important event that should be known by many people, then this event deserves news. Well, the news text is called the news item text. However, if there are events that people do not deserve, then they are not definitely worth to be news.

Generic Structure of News Item

# Main Events / Newsworthy event(s): it recounts the event in summary form.
# Elaboration / Background event(s): they elaborate what happened, to whom, in what circumstance
# Resource of Information (Source) : it contains comments by participants in, witnesses to and authorities expert on the event

Purpose of News Item

News Item Text is used to inform readers about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important.
– To inform the readers about newsworthy or important events of the day
– To present information the readers about newsworthy or important events of the day

Language Feature of News Item

– Focusing on circumstances (using a simple language in writing the text)
– Using saying verbs: “….”, She said, informed, told, reported.
– Sometimes at the beginning of news, the scene is mentioned : Jakarta – … .. / Kuala Lumpur – …
– Using Past tense in explaining news events. But if it is a fact that until now still happen or still in the form of fact, then can use simple present tense.
– Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline
– Using adverbs: time, place and manner.
– Uses of material processes to retell the event

Example of News Items Text

Example of News Items Text about Death of Didi Peter

Didi Petet Died

Veteran actor Didi Widiatmoko, popularly known as Didi Petet, died at the age of 58 at his residence in Sasak Tinggi, Ciputat, South Tangerang, on Friday morning.

Didi’s niece Muthia Kautsar said that Didi, who starred in a number of comedy and drama films in the 1980s and 1990s, collapsed and lost consciousness when attending an expo in Milan, Italy, recently.

“He just arrived home on May 10 after attending the exhibition. In that city, he collapsed and lost consciousness and returned home in a wheelchair,” she said.

On Tuesday, Didi was taken to Bandung for treatment. Muthia said no diseases were detected but he died on Friday.

Didi’s body is laid out in his residence on Jl. Bambu Apus in Sasak Tinggi, Ciputat, South Tangerang. It has yet to be decided when and where he will be buried.

Example of News Items Text about The Biggest Insect was Found

The Biggest Insect was Found

An explorer has found the biggest insect ever on record – so large it can scoff a carrot. The insect is called a Weta Bug and has a huge wing span of seven inches and weighs as much as three mice.

An entomologist Mark Moffett, 55, discovered the cricket-like creature up a tree on New Zealand’s Little Barrier Island. He spent two days searching for the creepy crawly which were thought to be extinct after Europeans brought rats to the island many years ago.

“This became all the more amazing when we realized that this was the largest insect recorded.” Mark said.

Funny News Item Example about Cows Crashed a Party

Cows Crashed a Party – Funny News Item Example

BOXFORD, Mass. – Six cows crashed a party in Massachusetts and stole the beer, police said.
The cows escaped from a nearby farm and headed straight to the graduation party. One of the attendees called 911. The homeowner told his daughter the revelry had gone too far. “She came inside and said, ‘Dad there’s a cow outside,’” Kevin Spencer said. “And I says, ‘That’s it. Party’s over.’”
Police said the cows were actually drinking the beer left on the picnic table. “They enjoyed it. They went right for the beer,” Lt James Riter said. “When one was done they’d knock another one over and take care of that beer.” Officers steered the cows back to their farm.
This example of news item text is taken from

Funny News Item Example about Indonesian News

Indonesian Maid Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

An Indonesian housemaid has been executed in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing her employer, the Saudi Interior Minister said.

The woman was beheaded in the Southern Asir province in what was the second execution in the country.

The maid was earlier found of suffocating her female boss and stealing her jewellery. Rape, murder and other serious crimes can carry the death penalty in the conservative desert kingdom.

Last year, Saudi Arabia, which follow a strict interpretation of Syaria, Islamic law executed more than 130 people.
(Taken from:

Example of News items text about International News

President Donald Trump will bring the “full force” of the U.S. government to combat human trafficking

WASHINGTON (AP) — The president is meeting with senior advisers and representatives of organizations that deal with trafficking at the White House. His daughter is among those in attendance.
Trump calls “human trafficking” as a problem that is “not talked about enough.” He said that he would order the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to take a hard look at the resources they were devoting to addressing the issue.

Human trafficking tends to occur around international travel-hubs with large immigrant populations, such as California and Texas. The U.S. Justice Department estimates that 14,500–17,500 people, including young children, teenagers, men and women, are trafficked into the country every year. They can be domestic citizens or foreign nationals. According to the Department of State’s statistics from 2000, there are approximately 244,000 American children and youth that are at risk for sex trafficking each year.


Presiden Donald Trump akan Menerapkan “Intervensi Penuh” dari Pemerintah AS untuk Memerangi Perdagangan Manusia

WASHINGTON (AP) – Presiden sedang akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan penasihat senior dan perwakilan organisasi yang berhubungan dengan perdagangan di Gedung Putih. Putrinya ada di antara mereka yang hadir.

Trump menyebut “perdagangan manusia” sebagai masalah yang “tidak cukup dibicarakan.” Dia mengatakan bahwa ia akan memerintahkan departemen Hukum dan Keamanan Dalam Negeri untuk mengawasi dengan teliti sumber daya yang mereka berdayakan untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

Perdagangan manusia cenderung terjadi di sekitar daerah wisata internasional dengan populasi imigran yang besar, seperti California dan Texas. Departemen Kehakiman AS memperkirakan 14,500-17,500 orang, termasuk anak-anak, remaja, pria dan wanita, diperdagangkan ke negara itu setiap tahun. Mereka bisa jadi warga negara lokal atau warga negara asing. Menurut Departemen Statistik Negara dari tahun 2000, ada sekitar 244.000 anak-anak Amerika dan remaja yang beresiko mengalami perdagangan manusia dalam konteks seksual setiap tahun.

Example of News items text about Tourism in Indonesia

Minister Expects MXGP 2017 to Boost tourism

Jakarta (JP) – Indonesia is expected to earn US$5 million in foreign exchange and US$3.74 million from domestic visitors from the international sport series event MXGP 2017 in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka-Belitung province, on March 4th and 5th.

Indonesia is the third selected country in Asia, after Qatar and Thailand, to host this MXGP sport event. The event was introduced in 1957 and was sanctioned by international motorsport federation, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). In this event, dozens of motocross racers from 20 countries will compete in motocross races.

“The event, which will be covered by 62 foreign TV broadcasters, is also expected to help promote tourism sites in the region,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. About 5,000 foreigners are expected to attend the event hosted for the first time by Indonesia, with each person spending an average of $1,000 while staying in the country, he said. “We also expect over 50,000 Indonesians to attend the event,” Arief said on Monday during a press conference at the ministry’s office in Jakarta, adding that each Indonesian was projected to spend an average of Rp 1 million. (The Jakarta Post Jakarta | Tue, February 28, 2017 | 01:06 pm)


Menteri Mengharapkan MXGP 2017 Meningkatkan Pariwisata

Jakarta (JP) – Indonesia diperkirakan akan mendapatkan US $ 5 juta dalam valuta asing dan US $ 3.740.000 dari pengunjung domestik dari seri acara olahraga internasional MXGP 2017 di Pangkal Pinang, Provinsi Bangka-Belitung, pada 4 dan 5 Maret.

Indonesia adalah negara ketiga yang dipilih di Asia, setelah Qatar dan Thailand, untuk menjadi tuan rumah acara olahraga MXGP ini. Acara ini diperkenalkan pada tahun 1957 dan disetujui oleh federasi motorsport internasional, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). Dalam acara ini, puluhan pembalap motorcross dari 20 negara akan bersaing dalam balapan motocross.

“Acara yang akan diikutsertai oleh 62 lembaga penyiaran TV asing, juga diharapkan membantu mempromosikan tempat-tempat pariwisata di kawasan itu” kata Menteri Pariwisata Arief Yahya. Sekitar 5.000 orang asing diharapkan menghadiri acara yang diselenggarakan untuk pertama kalinya oleh Indonesia ini, dengan setiap orang menghabiskan rata-rata $ 1,000 ketika tinggal di negara ini. katanya. “Kita juga berharap lebih dari 50.000 orang Indonesia untuk menghadiri acara tersebut,” kata Arief pada hari Senin saat konferensi pers di kantor kementerian di Jakarta, menambahkan hal tersebut setiap orang Indonesia diperkirakan menghabiskan rata-rata Rp 1 juta. (The Jakarta Post Jakarta | Tue, 28 Februari 2017 | 01:06)

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Okey, I that’s all my explanation about News Items Text. I hope it will be useful for us. Thanks for your visiting.

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