Pengertian Preposition (Kata Depan) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Preposition adalah kata depan maksudnya adalah sekelompok kata yang dipakai didepan kata benda, frasa kata benda atau gerund.

Contoh : Her book is on the table
My father is interested in painting

Preposition bisa diklasifikasikan menjadi dua :

A. Preposition yang menunjukkan hubungan kata depan dengan kata lain dalam kalimat.

Preposition untuk jenis ini sifatnya agak bebas, tergantung situasi yang dibicarakan. Hubungan preposition dengan kata-kata lain dalam kalimat ini bisa menyatakan tempat, posisi, arah, gerak, waktu dan cara.

1. Preposition yang menunjukkan tempat atau posisi

Near = dekat. beside = disamping
On = diatas under = dibawah
Against = menempel in = didalam (laci/kotak)
In front of = didepan behind = dibelakang
Between = antara

Contoh : Ahmad is standing in front of us

Catatan tentang : in, on, at

a. Jika dihubungkan dengan permukaan, in berarti menembus atau masuk ke, sedang on berarti menempel.

Contoh : There is grease spot on my coat and a hole in my sweater

b. Dihubungkan dengan alamat, on dipakai dengan nama jalan saja, sedang at dipakai untuk nama jalan lengkap dengan nomor rumah.

Contoh : He lives on jalan Flamboyan
He lives at jalan Flamboyan no : 109

c. Dihubungkan dengan tempat at menunjukkan lokasi, sedang in didalam.

Contoh : They study at EECC
They are discussing in the classroom

2. Preposition yang menunjukkan arah

Into = masuk ke out of = keluar dari
Toward = kearah to = ke
Onto = keatas

Contoh : The cat jumped onto the bed
The dog ran out of the house

3. Preposition yang menunjukkan waktu

At = pada by = menjelang before = sebelum
Until = sampai on = pada for = selama
During = selama since =? sejak
From… till = dari… sampai

Contoh : They came at: two o’clock PM yesterday
I will be here until/till tomorrow

Catatan tentang : in, on, at

a. In dipakai untuk tahun dan bulan
Contoh : in 1997
in November

b. On dipakai untuk hari dan tanggal
Contoh : on Sunday
on 19 of November 1989

c. At dipakai untuk jam
Contoh : at 7 o’clock

4. Preposition yang menunjukkan cara (by, in, with, on)

Contoh : They came her by car
She goes to school on foot

B. Preposition yang dipakai dengan kata kerja serta kata sifat secara pasti

1. Preposition yang mengikuti Kata Kerja dengan pola :

Verb + preposition + object

Contoh: She always depends on her mother

At = arrive, laugh, look
In = believe, succeed
On = depend, comment, count, agree
With = argue, agree (orang)
Of = approve, complain, consist, hear, think
To = belong, consent, listen, object, talk
For = play, wait, wish, work

2. Preposition yang mengikuti Kata Kerja dengan pola :

Verb + object + preposition + object
Contoh : He wants to congratulate him on his successful

To = add, compare, explain, introduce, prefer
For = blame, excuse, keep, thank
On = congratulate
Of = remind

3. Preposition yang mengikuti adjective

Contoh : He is very happy with his new job

Of : afraid, certain, composed, delighted, fond, tired, full, jealous, proud
With : happy, familiar, bored, angry, pleased, satisfied
For : famous, thankful, enough, grateful, ready, responsible, sick, sorry
In : disappointed, interested, successful, deficient, fortunate, honest, weak
To : relevant, sensitive, anxious, attentive, contrary, equal, faithful, polite
About : worried, happy, anxious, careful, curious, doubtful, enthusiastic, sad
At : surprised, bad, clever, efficient, good, slow, astonished, expert.

4. Preposition yang mengikuti kata benda

Contoh : I was in change of the reception
Of : to be in change, to be in favour
In : have ability, confidence, faith
Over : have influence.

5. Lain-lain

According to = except for
For the sake of = in addition to
In reference to = in search of
In term of = instead of

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