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How are you today? I hope you are fine.. Oke, In this occasion, I will share example of Descriptive Text. But, do you still remember about the definition of Descriptive Text? What is Descriptive Text? Yup.. Descriptive Text is a text that describe a person, place or things. Its social function is to describe a person, place or things in specific. How about the generic structure? The generic structure of descriptive text is Identification, and description.

If you write a description about one of your your friend that the name is blablabla. Then you write about his or her face, tall, age, skin, hair, etc, in detail. It means you make a Descriptive text. What you wrote is Descriptive Text. If you write about one of your cat, and you describe it features, It’s is the same.

I am sure you have understand about it. I will not explain in longger again. Now, Let’s discuss about the example of Descriptive Text. I hope you will more understand about this text after reading some example below. Oke, please read carefully and understand some example below…
Contoh Descriptive Text

Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek – Small House

My Small House

I live in a small house. It has five rooms: there are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Indeed it is a small house; but I like living in here for wasting my spare time.

When the door is open, I can see the living room. It is so small with only three chairs and a table, nothing else. I prefer reading a novel in this room.

My bedroom is in the left side of the living room. In this room there is a night table next to the bed, a TV, a radio, and a computer. When being bored of reading, I usually play online games, chat with my friends via Facebook and so on.

Next to my bedroom is my mother’s. I do not know what is inside because I never come in to see it. In the right side of the living room there is the kitchen. In the kitchen I have everything I need when I get hungry. It is very pleasure when my mother cooks, the smell fills my whole house.

I know it is a very small house; but it is the best place I have ever seen.

Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek – Family

My Family

My family has four members: those are I, my sister, and parents of course.

My mother is 47 years old. Her name’s Anisa. She’s thin-faced and she’s got long, blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She is still slim because she always tries to stay in shape. She is very good-looking, always well-dressed and elegant.

My father, Lukman, is 5 years older than my mother. He is 52. In spite of his age he’s still black-haired, with several grey hairs. He has bright blue eyes. He is quite tall, but a bit shorter than me. He’s very hard-working. Besides that he is working in a travel company. He can even make a dinner when my mother is outside. His cooking and his meals are always very tasty as well as my mothers’.

Finally, my sister Nadina. She is 22. She is also red-haired and green-eyed. She has long wavy hair and freckles. She is definitely shorter than me. She is rather introverted. But she is very sensible, smart and co-operative. Right now she is studying English and also knows Arabic and Mandarin. I want to be so smart as she is.

They all, except me, speak Sundanese very well, because we were living in Bandung for 5 years. My sister have been going to primary school there. Unfortunately I was only 3 when we were leaving to Jakarta, so I can’t speak Sundanese. Now we are happily living in Jakarta.

Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek – Cat

Sphynx Cats

My Sphynx cat is the only pet I have. He has a little hair but is not totally hairless as he has a peach fuzz over much of his body. His coat is often a warm chamois. My Sphynx has a normal cat proportion.
I like his tail although my mom say that it is like a rats tail. I love his usual color varieties including, tortoiseshell, chocolate, black, blue, lilac, chocolate etc. He is really an amazing cat. Believe it or not, he is very intelligent cat. He can respond my voice commands.

He is really funny as well as my friends get a joke. I love him so much as I love my mother.

Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek – Mother

My Mother

My mother is a beautiful person. She is not tall but not short, and she has curly hair and brown. Her eyes color are like honey and her color skin color light brown, and she has a beautiful smile. Her weight likes 120 lbs.

She is a very kind person. She is very lovely, friendly, patient, and she loves to help people. I love my mom, because she is a good example to me. She loves being in the Church, and she loves sing and dance too.

She is a very good child, wife and mother. She always takes care of her family. She likes her house to be clean and organized. She a very organized person, and all things in the house are in the right place. She doesn’t like messes.

She always has a smile on her face. She is so sweet and lovely. I like when I am going to sleep or went I wake up or when I am going to go to some places, she always give me a kiss, and when the family have a problem she always be with us to helps us and to give us all her love.

Contoh Descriptive Text Pendek – Classmate

My Classmate, Yuta

Yuta is one of the 150 International students at the ELC of Brigham Young University. He is from Japan. He grew up in Japan, and he is 19 years old. There are six people in his family, a father, a mother, three sisters and himself. He is the youngest in his family. He is also the only boy in his family, but now he is in Provo, Utah, studying English. Yuta likes the United States very much and he thinks everything is cheap. Yuta thinks his English classes are excellent and the teachers are professionals. Yuta thinks someone in his class is noisy so he doesn’t like that. In his free time he spends too much time sleeping, so it seems that he has a sleeping sickness.

Contoh Descriptive Text

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple. It was built in the ninth century under Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram kingdom. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Borobudur is well-known all over the world. Its construction is influenced by the Gupta architecture of India. The temple is constructed on a hill 46 meter high and consists of eight steps like stone terrace. The first five terraces are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Buddhist sculpture in bas-relief. The upper three are circular. Each of them is with a circle of bell shape-stupa. The entire upper structure is crowned by a large stupa at the center of the top circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passage and stairways.

The design of Borobudur symbolizes the conception of universe in Buddhist cosmology. It is believed that the universe is divided into three spiritual spheres, kamadhatu, rupadhatu, and arupadhatu. The first sphere, kamadhatu, represents respectively the sphere of desires where we are bound to our desires; the second sphere, rupadhatu, represents forms where we abandon our desires but are still bound to name and form; and the last sphere, arupadhatu, represents formlessness where there is no longer either name or form. Borobudur temple which is rededicated as an Indonesian monument in 1983 is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people. With its magnificent size and architecture, no wonder that Borobudur Temple includes 7 wonders of the world.


Candi Borobudur

Candi Borobudur merupakan sebuah candi Budha. Candi Borobudur dibangun pada abad ke-9 di bawah dinasti Sailendra dari kerajaan Mataram Kuno. Candi Borobudur terletak di Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia.

Candi Borobudur terkenal di seluruh dunia. Pembangunannya dipengaruhi oleh arsitektur Gupta dari India. Candi tersebut dibangun di atas bukit dengan tinggi 46 meter yang terdiri dari 8 tingkat seperti teras batu. Lima tingkat pertama berbentuk persegi dengan dikelilingi oleh dinding-dinding berhias kan ukiran dengan patung Budah di relief. Tiga tingkat di atasnya berbentuk lingkaran. Di setiap tingkatan itu terdapat stupa berbentuk lonceng. Di bagian paling atas seluruhnya dimahkotai oleh stupa besar di bagian tengah pada lingkaran atas. Jalan menuju puncak candi ditempuh dengan melalui jalan dan tangga sepanjang 4.8 km.

Desain Borobudur yang melambangkan struktur alam semesta dalam kosmologi budha. Hal ini diyakini bahwa alam semesta dibagi menjadi tiga bidang spiritual, Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu, dan Arupadhatu. Bidang pertama, Kamadhatu, mewakili masing-masing bidang keinginan dimana kita terikat dengan keinginan kita; bidang kedua, Rupadhatu, merupakan bentuk di mana kita meninggalkan keinginan kita tetapi masih terikat nama dan bentuk; dan bidang terakhir, arupadhatu, mewakili fase tak berbentuk di mana tidak ada lagi nama atau pun bentuk. Candi Borobudur yang rededicated sebagai monumen Indonesia pada tahun 1983 adalah harta berharga bagi rakyat Indonesia. Dengan ukuran yang megah dan arsitektur, tidak mengherankan bahwa Candi Borobudur termasuk 7 keajaiban dunia.

Semoga contoh descriptive text di atas tentang ‘Borobudur Temple’ bisa bermanfaat dan menjadi rujukkan teman-teman sekalian dalam belajar dan memahami apa itu descriptive text dan cara membuatnya. Apabila ada suatu kesalahan baik berupa penulisan, isi, maupun terjemahan, mohon kiranya kritik dan saran yang membangun untuk kemajuan bersama. Jika artikel di atas dianggap bermanfaat, share/bagikan juga ke teman-teman lainnya ya. Terima kasih… ^^English is Fun^^

Contoh Descriptive Text

Kungfu Panda

Have you ever watch the cartoon movie “Kung Fu Panda”? The panda in the movie is described as a fat animal, love-noodle eater, and Kung Fu master. But the Panda that will be described below is not the Panda who can do Kung Fu like in that movie. Here is the description about Panda.

Pandas are bear-like animal which originally live in center and western part of China. Pandas have distinguish features that make them different other species of bear. Pandas have white thick fur which covers all of their body with black eyes patches, ears, nose, legs, shoulders, and arms. Those black marks make Pandas unique and different.

Like other species of bear, pandas have a big head, a short tail, rounded ears, and a long muzzle with a big nose. However, pandas’ diet is totally different with other species of bear; in which they prefer bamboos than others. 90% of pandas’ diet consists of bamboos. That is why pandas have adapted their body to help them in eating bamboos. Pandas have a big jaw with tough muscles and strong molars to crush bamboos so they can extract the nutrients they need.


Kungfu Panda

Pernahkah kamu menonton film kartun “Kung Fu Panda”? Panda yang ada dalam film tersebut dideskripsikan sebagai hewan gendut, suka makan mie dan jago Kung Fu. Akan tetapi, panda asli yang akan deskripsikan dibawah ini bukanlah padan yang bisa Kung Fu seperti di film. Berikut ini adalah deskripsi panda.

Panda adalah hewan yang mirip beruang yang aslinya hidup di daerah China tengah dan barat. Panda memiliki ciri-ciri pembeda yang membuatnya berbedan dengan spesies beruang lainnya. Panda memilki bulu tebal berwarna putih yang menutupi seluruh tubuh mereka dengan warna hitam di sekitar mata, telinga, hidung, kaki, pundak dan tangan. Tanda warna hitam tersebutlah yang membuat panda unik dan berbeda.

Seperti spesies beruang lainnya, panda memiliki kepala besar, ekor pendek, telinga bundar, dan moncong panjang dengan hidung yang besar. Akan tetapi, makan panda sangat berbeda dengan spesies beruang lainnya; yang mana mereka lebih suka bambu daripada makanan lainnya. 90% makanan panda terdiri dari bambu. Itu lah mengapa panda telah adapati tubuhnya untuk membantunya dalam memakan bambu. Panda memiliki rahang besar dengan otot-otot yang kuat dan gigi-gigi geraham yang kuat untuk menghancurkan bambu-bambu sehingga mereka dapat mengekstark untrisi yang mereka butuhkan.

Contoh Descriptive Text Singkat


Wakatobi is the name of an archipelago and regency in Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. The name of Wakatobi is derived from the names of the main islands in the archipelago: Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binangko. Do you know what? It is the best diving sites ever.

There are many reasons why I call Wakatobi as the best diving sites ever. First, the reefs in Wakatobi diving are unlike others in the region because of the dry climate and uplifted limestone. This means Wakatobi is an exceptionally clean environment due to the lack of soil erosion. Second, being a national park, fishing is strictly limited and the reefs of Wakatobi are protected. These superb reefs are supported and protected by the local fishing communities who obtain a fair share of the income generated by Wakatobi dive tourism in exchange for adopting more sustainable practices, such as leaving large stretches of reef completely untouched. Third, Wakatobi is located at the world’s coral reef triangle center with its 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species from a total of 850 world’s collection comparing to the two world’s famous diving center of the Caribbean Sea that owes only 50 species and other 300 species in the red sea.



Wakatobi adalah nama sebuah kepulauan dan kabupaten di Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. Nama Wakatobi berasal dari nama-nama pulau utama di kepulauan: Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, dan Binangko. Tahu kah kamu? Ini adalah tempat diving terbaik yang pernah ada.

Ada banyak alasan mengapa saya menyebut Wakatobi adalah tempat diving terbaik. Pertama, terumbu karang di Wakatobi tidak seperti tempat lain karena iklim kering dan kapur yang terangkat. Ini berarti Wakatobi adalah tempat paling bersih karena kurangnya erosi tanah. Kedua, menjadi bagian dari taman nasional, aktivitas penangkapan ikan sangat terbatas dan terumbu karang di Wakatobi dilindungi. Terumbu karang yang luar biasa tersebut didukung dan dilindungi oleh komunitas nelayan lokal yang memperoleh pembagian pendapatan yang adil yang dihasilkan dari aktivitas wisata Wakatobi sebagai balasan karena telah mengadopsi tindakan-tindakan berkelanjutan seperti dilarang menyentuh terumbu karang. Ketiga, Wakatobi terletak di pusat segitiga terumbu karang dunia dengan 942 spesies ikan dan 750 spesies terumbu karang dari total koleksi 850 dunia dibandingkan dengan dua pusat menyelam terkenal dunia yaitu Laut Karibia yang hanya memiliki 50 spesies dan 300 spesies lainnya di laut merah.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Tempat Wisata

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall sounds unfamiliar for either local or foreign tourists. Lembah Pelangi Waterfall is located in Sukamaju village, Ulubelu sub district, Tanggamus district, Lampung province, Indonesia. The access to this place is quite difficult because Ulu Belu sub district is a remote area in Lampung with its hilly contours which make this tourist spot elusive.

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall has two levels where the waterfall on the second level has two branches. The height of the first level waterfall is about 100 meters, while the second level waterfall is about dozens of meters. The best enchantment of this waterfall is the rainbow which appears between the valley and the waterfall as the name suggests. The soft flowing gurgling waterfall sounds is like a chant of nature which can remove the tiredness of the long trip to go there. Under the waterfall, there are several spots of warm water which can be an interesting spot for bathing.

In this place, you will be shown a panorama of natural beauty which is very interesting for every pair of eyes seeing it. Rocky hills accompanied by leafy trees will actually soothe both your eyes.


Air Terjun Lembah Pelangi

Air Terjun Lembah Pelangi, sedikit terdengar asing di telinga para wisatawan lokal maupun luar daerah. AIR Terjun Lembah ini terletak Desa Sukamaju, Kecamatan Ulubelu, Kabupaten Tanggamus, Lampung. Akses jalan menuju tempat ini memang cukup sulit karena kawasan Ulu Belu sendiri adalah satu daerah terpencil di Lampung dengan kontur berbukit membuat tempat wisata ini sulit diraih.

Air terjun Lembah Pelangi sendiri memiliki dua tingkatan, dengan air terjun pada tingkatan kedua bercabang dua. Tinggi air terjun pada tingkat pertama sekitar 100 meter, sementara air terjun tingkat ke duanya sekitar belasan meter. Pesona terbaiknya adalah pelangi yang muncul diantara lembah dan air terjun seperti namanya. Gemericik suara air terjun bagaikan nyanyian alam yang akan menghapus penat perjalanan panjang kesana. Di bawah air terjun ini ada beberapa titik sumber air hangat yang dapat menjadi tempat yang menarik untuk berendam.

Di tempat ini, anda akan disuguhkan panorama keasrian alam yang sangat memukau setiap pasang mata yang melihatnya. Lingkungan bukit berbatu yang ditemani rimbunnya pepohonan benar-benar akan menyejukkan kedua bola mata anda.

Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Tempat Wisata

Way Kambas National Park

Way Kambas National Park is a national park for elephant sanctuary located in Lampung precisely in the Labuhan Ratu sub district, East Lampung, Indonesia. Way Kambas National Park, established in 1985, is the first school for elephant in Indonesia. In the beginning of its establishment, Way Kambas National Park was named the Elephant Training Center / Pusat Latihan Gajah (PLG), but the last few years this name was changed into Elephant Conservation Center / Pusat Konservasi Gajah (PKG), which is expected to become a center for elephant conservation in taming, training, breeding and conserving elephants. Until now, this PKG has trained for about 300 elephants which have been deployed to all over the country.

In Way Kambas National Park, there are some endangered animals such as Sumatran Rhinos, Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, Mentok Rimba, and Buaya sepit. There are also so some plants which are mostly found there such as Api-api, Pidada, Nipah, and Pandan. On the marshy coasts of Way Kambas National Park is often found various species of birds, such as, Lesser Adjutant, Pheasant Blue, Kuau Raja, Pependang Timur, and some other birds.


Taman Nasional Way Kambas

Taman Nasional Way Kambas adalah taman nasional untuk perlindungan gajah yang terletak di daerah Lampung tepatnya di Kecamatan Labuhan Ratu, Lampung Timur, Indonesia. Taman Nasional Way Kambas yang berdiri pada tahun 1985 merupakan sekolah gajah pertama di Indonesia. Pada awal berdirinya, Taman Nasional Way Kambas ini bernama Pusat Latihan Gajah (PLG) namun beberapa tahun terakhir ini namanya berubah menjadi Pusat Konservasi Gajah (PKG) yang diharapkan mampu menjadi pusat konservasi gajah dalam penjinakan, pelatihan, perkembangbiakan dan konservasi gajah. Hingga Saat ini PKG ini telah melatih sekitar 300 ekor gajah yang sudah disebar ke seluruh penjuru Tanah Air.

Di Taman Nasional Way Kambas ini terdapat hewan yang hampir punah di antaranya Badak sumatera, Gajah Sumatera, Harimau sumatera, Mentok Rimba, dan Buaya sepit. Ada juga beberapa tanaman yang banyak diketemukan di sana seperti Api-api, Pidada, Nipah, dan Pandan. Di bagian pesisir Taman Nasional Way Kambas yang berawa juga sering ditemukan berbagai jenis burung antara lain Bangau Tongtong, Sempidan Biru, Kuau raja, Burung Pependang Timur, dan beberapa burung lainnya.

Contoh Descriptive Text

Tanjung Setia Beach

Lampung is not only famous for its Way Kambas National Park. One of the best tourist attractions of this province is Tanjung Setia Beach. This beach is located in the village of Tanjung Setia, West Lampung district, Lampung province. It is about 273 km or about six to seven hour driving from Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung province.

This beach has not been well known by the citizens of Indonesia yet, but for the world surfers this beach is a hidden paradise for surfing. This beach is exactly laid on the track of large Indian Ocean currents that make this beach have waves which are quite perfect for surfing. The perfect wave of this beach usually lasts from June to August with the height which can reach up to six to seven meters with a 200 meters length.

In addition to perfect waves for surfing, the beach also has an ambience which is quite natural with white sand along the beach. Rows of palm tree which grow also adorn this beach. For local people, the beach area is also an ideal place for fishing. Some fish which are often obtained by the fisherman are blue marlin which is so big enough that its weight can reach up to 70 kilograms. By local residents this fish is known by the name of Iwa Tuhuk.


Pantai Tanjung Setia

Lampung tidak hanya terkenal dengan Taman Nasional Way Kambasnya saja. Salah satu obyek wisata andalan provinsi ini adalah Pantai Tanjung Setia. Pantai ini terletak di Desa Tanjung Setia, Kabupaten Lampung Barat, Provinsi Lampung. Mempunyai jarak sekitar 273 km atau sekitar enam hingga tujuh jam perjalanan dari Bandar Lampung, ibukota Provinsi Lampung.

Pantai ini memang belum cukup dikenal oleh warga negara Indonesia sendiri, namun bagi para peselancar dunia pantai ini merupakan surga tersembunyi untuk berselancar. Pantai ini tepat berada di jalur arus besar Samudera Hindia sehingga menjadikan pantai ini memiliki ombak yang cukup sempurna untuk berselancar. Ombak sempurna pantai ini biasanya berlangsung antara bulan Juni hingga bulan Agustus dengan ketinggian bisa mencapai hingga enam sampai tujuh meter dengan panjang mencapai 200 meter.

Selain ombak yang sempurna untuk berselancar, pantai juga memiliki suasana yang masih cukup alami dengan hamparan pasir putih di sepanjang pantai. Barisan pohon palem yang tumbuh juga turut menghiasi pantai ini. Bagi masyarakat setempat, kawasan pantai ini juga merupakan tempat yang cocok untuk memancing. Beberapa ikan yang sering didapatkan oleh para pemancing adalah ikan blue marlin yang cukup besar dengan berat bisa mencapai hingga 70 kilogram. Oleh warga setempat ikan ini dikenal dengan nama Iwa Tuhuk.

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