The Minister of Education and Culture is Committed to Advancing the Customs and Culture of West Papua

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Sorong, – Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Anwar Makarim is committed to advancing West Papuan culture as part of the diverse cultural wealth of the Indonesian nation. This was said by Nadiem during a discussion with school members and actors of arts and culture at the Nani Bili Art Studio.

“This is the priority of the Ministry of Education and Culture, that apart from preservation, innovation is also very important. So that our culture can be enjoyed by the next generation, “said Nadiem during a visit to Sorong, West Papua, Friday (12/2/2021), and conveyed it through a press release from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), Sunday (14/2/2021) .

The Nani Bili Art Studio is a community of art lovers from various tribes in Tanah Moi or Sorong City, which currently has 276 members. ⁣ The Minister of Education and Culture visited and discussed with the indigenous people of Moi Kelim in Malaumkarta Village and visited the cultural heritage of the Japanese Defense Force on Doom Island, Sorong Archipelago District.

⁣Nadiem stated that the diversity of customs and cultures is the greatest wealth of the Indonesian people. In Malaumkarta village, he also encouraged the preservation of language as part of the protection of customs and culture through lessons in indigenous languages ​​in educational units.

According to him, without a regional language which is full of local meaning and wisdom, it is difficult for culture to develop.

“The space for local wisdom in our education system should be developed,” said the minister of education.

⁣In the series of visits, Nadiem also conveyed that the Ministry of Education and Culture had changed its paradigm in making policies and programs related to culture.

“We are thinking about how we can invest in the cultural ecosystem so that it has a positive impact on the economy of arts activists and society. Indigenous people are no exception, “said Nadiem.

Nadiem said that any budget issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture must have sustainable results on the cultural ecosystem in each region. ⁣

West Papuan contemporary artist, Andi Agaki, said the new paradigm of the Ministry of Education and Culture to promote culture in line with the energy of the artists.

Meanwhile, Director of Belief in God Almighty and Indigenous Peoples, Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture, Sjamsul Hadi said that his party has a number of programs related to objects of cultural advancement.

First, providing a virtual expression space that can be enjoyed by all people

Second, facilitation in the field of culture. The Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Culture has provided stimuli through documentation and knowledge work. “Here, you have room to work or document your work and later there will be support funds,” said Sjamsul.

Sjamsul also invited the West Papua regional government to immediately complete the main points of cultural thought so that the education and culture office proposed an annual cultural budget allocation. ⁣

⁣ He also socialized the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 20 of 2018, where art actors can use village funds for budget allocation for cultural advancement.

⁣ “So the actors of art and culture who live in villages, have creative works, and have the potential to promote culture in the village, can take advantage of this Village Fund allocation,” he said.



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