Speaking Practice – Lesson 43: Time for Plan B

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Hallo everybody.
In this afternoon, I want to share speaking lesson. I hope you will get help in learning English by reading this post. I want to share speaking lesson because speaking in very important in learning English. Good speaking skill show how well you master English. If you can speak English well, it means your English is good.

In this post, the speaking lesson is conversation about Time for Plan B. And in this post, the conversation is completed with Mp3 that the Mp3 is spoken by Mrs. Anna Matteo. She is native English speaker from America. She also becomes the speaker in VOA.com. So, It is very good to learn English. Are you not patient to see the conversation, and study with Mrs. Anna Matteo. Oke, let’s check it out…

Anna: Hey there! Tonight, I am teaching my ukulele class. It is far away. So, I am going to ride the Metro. Oh, no! I lost my wallet! It has my Metro card, my credit card and my money! Oh, no!
Anna: It’s times like this I remember my father’s important words. He said, “Anna, never … ” No wait, “Always have emergency money.” .” (Anna pulls an envelope out of her bag and looks inside) It’s empty. Time for Plan B. ‘Extra Emergency Money.’ (Anna pulls another envelope out of her bag and looks inside)
Anna: No! It’s empty too! Anna, it’s time for Plan C.
Anna: Hi, Marsha!
Marsha: Hi Anna. What’s up?
Anna: I’m stuck downtown without any money. Would you be able to come downtown? Please?
Marsha: Anna, I can’t. I’m too busy. I have to give a big presentation in one hour. Sorry!
Anna: That’s ok. Good luck with your presentation!
Marsha: Thanks!
Anna: Time for Plan D.
Anna: Hi, Jonathan! How’s it going?
Jonathan: Hey, Anna. Things are great. What’s up?
Anna: Well, I was wondering if you could give me some money.
Jonathan: What?
Anna: See, I lost my wallet and I’m stuck downtown and I —
Jonathan: Anna, I wish I could. I’m at the airport with my mother. Her flight leaves in two hours.
Anna: That’s okay. Tell your Mom to have a nice trip!
Jonathan: I do wish I could help. Thanks.
Anna: ‘Bye.
Anna: This is serious. Time for … Plan E.
Ashley: Hello.
Anna: Hi, Ashley! What are you doing?
Ashley: Oh! Hi Anna!
Anna: (Anna hears a child crying through the phone.) Ashley, I was wondering, uh, would you be able to come downtown? And could you give me $20?
Ashley: Anna, I can’t.
Anna: I’ll pay you back the money. I promise.
Ashley: Anna, I’m not worried about the money. I’m babysitting. (off-camera to niece) That was very, very, bad!
Anna: Well, losing your wallet is bad, but it’s not the end of the world, Ashley.
Ashley: I was talking to my niece, Anna.
Anna: Well, thanks anyway, Ashley!
Ashley: Good luck getting money.
Anna: Good luck babysitting!
Ashley: Thanks.
Anna: Well, Plans A, B, C, D and E did not work. Think, Anna, think. Time for Plan F.
Anna: (singing) Won’t you give, could — Thank you very much, sir! — would you give me money, won’t you give — Thank you very much! — could you give, won’t you give me money — until next time! — won’t you give me money?

Ok. That’s the conversation. Do you like it? Are you satisfied? What do you think about this speaking lesson? I hope by learning English here, your English skill be better. I hope you will always increase your English skill. And don’t forget to practice your English, because English is habit. If you always practice to speak English, I am sure you will master English. Actually, English in not difficult, English is very easy, if we learn English diligently. Ok, I think that’s all. See ya….

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