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Have you reviewed things, movies or something? If you have not, have you seen a movie review or a book? You can see examples of review text on newspapers that show movie or book reviews, as an illustration of what the Review Text is

Review Text is supposedly the last English lesson of high school level. If you could not make an example of review text, it can be said that have not passed National Exams, especially for English lessons. Do not want to be said you can’t pass the exam?

Therefore, in order not to “be considered” to be fail in the journey during school, let us learn again what and how review the text is. Ready?

Definition of Review Text

Review text is an evaluation of a publication, such as a movie, video game, musical composition, book; a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, a play, musical theatre show or dance show.

Generic Structure of Review Text

# Orientation : Background information of the text.
# Evaluations : Concluding statement : judgement, opinion, or recommendation. It can consist ot more than one.
# Interpretative Recount : Summary of an art works including character and plot.
# Evaluative Summation : The last opinion consisting the appraisal or the punch line of the art works being criticized.

In other word :
Orientation : places the work in its general and particular context, often by comparing it with others of its kind or through an analog with a non–art object or event.
Interpretive Recount : summarize the plot and/or providers an account of how the reviewed rendition of the work came into being
Evaluation : provides an evaluation of the work and/or its performance or production; is usually recursive

Actually, the generic structure of text review does not have to be exactly same as above, perhaps for the reason of “summarizing” the lesson, so the three or four generic structure above just become general description about the structure in review text, okay.

Still confused? I also still confused.. 🙂 Ok, let’s just discuss some examples of review text, which is hopefully can understand more about text reviews.

But before go to the example of review text, let’s discuss about its purpose and language features.

Purpose of Review Text

Review text is used to evaluate/review/critic the events or art works for the reader or listener, such as movies, shows, book, and others.

Language Features of Review Text

– Present tense.
– Using long and complex clauses

I Just mention those language feature of review text above because those are the main language feature of review text that can be used to identify review text easily.

Example of review text film the amazing spiderman 2
I will start by saying that I am a huge fan of Spider-man. I love all the trilogies worked by Raimi (yes, even the Spider-man 3) but I do not like the The Amazing Spiderman 1. I was skeptical when I wanted to watch this movie, but I was wrong and I think this second sequel is really great. Unlike its predecessor, this film is full of action, humor, and emotional. Played by the big players, the story is well-written. The action is really spectacular and the final scene makes me satisfied.

Evaluation 1 / Interpretation
The story begins when Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) struggled to maintain his relationship with Gwen (Emma Stone) after her father’s death. His actions also causes the emergence of a new enemy, Electro, a villain played by James Foxx. Peter also continue to investigate what happened to his father and reunited with his old friend, Harry Osborn. This movie is ended by the death of Gwen that makes the audience will be very emotional and sad.

Evaluation 2
However I have to criticize about this film addressed to Paul Giamatti who plays Rhino. His appearance is too over. His acting also does not show that he is a feared villain. It would be a serious problem for the next Spiderman series. So I hope he can improve his acting better than before.

Overall, I think this is the best superhero movie since the appearance of The Dark Knight Rises. The script is well-written and convincing. I am sure the next series will be outstanding superhero movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Spider-man or other superhero movies.

Example of review text Assalamu’alaikum Beijing
Movie title : Assalamu’alaikum Beijing
Genre : Romantic-Religious
Director : Guntur Soeharjanto
Playwritter : Asma Nadia
Cast : Revalina S. Temat, Morgan Oey, Ibnu Jamil, Laudya C. Bella, Desta, Ollyne Apple, Cynthia Ramlan, Jajang C. Noer

I really love all the novels written by Asma Nadia. So when the Assalamu’alaikum Beijing novel is filmed , I can hardly wait for the movie in theater. Because it is certainly very good quality movie.The film is directed by Guntur Soeharjanto. The film with the tagline “If you do not find love, let love find you”. In accordance with the novel title, the film is a lot to discuss religion and love. Soit is labeled as romantic religious genre. The film tells the love story that is experienced by Asmara (Revalina S. Temat) who was broken heart knowing her fiance, Dewa(Ibn Jamil) had an affair with her friend Anita (Cynthia Ramlan) just a day before the wedding took place. At the same time, finally Asthma received a job in Beijing due to the help of Sekar (Laudya Cynthia Bella). On the way Asma met Zhongwen (Morgan Oey). Asma began to open her heart to Zhongwen. However, before continuing their relationship, Asma was diagnosed APS, a syndrome that made her life in danger and could die at any time.

Contoh Review Text – NEGERI 5 MENARA

The title of the Novel: the land of 5 Towers
Author: A. Fuadi’s
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Copyright: August 2010
KotaTerbit: Jakarta
Number of pages: 424 thing

The novel land of 5 Towers work of Ahmad Fuadi’s which was a best seller in this novel, tells the story of five friends, he lived in a boarding school that is Hut Madani (PM). This best seller novel is the first novel of a trilogy which was charmingly tells the story of a typical boarding school education world, complete with all the trinkets of life the santrinya.

Alif Kevin was a very wanted HIGH SCHOOL school in Bukittinggi West Sumatera with examinations which are pretty good. But her dream seems shattered, destroyed not a trace, because Amaknya does not allow. He wanted a school at Madrasah Aliyah Alif which berbasik religion, citing Amak want Alif became Ustad (Cleric). Halfheartedly, Alif Amaknya wishes to receive a religious school.

The beginning she sangatkaget with all the strict regulations and activities the lodge. Luckily, he found friends from different areas of the correct ² fun. Because half his heart has now become rounded. Under the Tower PM here’s five of them thus creating dream ² i through his imagination staring at the sky and stringing the clouds into the land of dreams. They are confident in the future of that dream will be realized. Because they are convinced of the powerful spell they get from Kyai Rais (Professor of PM), namely man jadda wajada, who are meant to be successful.

The advantages of this novel is to change our mindset about the cottage life just studying religion. Because in the novel other than learning the science of religion, it also studied the public such as English, Arabic, art etc. The lessons that can be learned is never underestimate a dream is as high as any of it, because God Almighty hears the prayers of his people.


Judul Novel : Negeri 5 Menara
Pengarang : A.Fuadi
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun Terbit : Agustus 2010
KotaTerbit : Jakarta
Jumlah Halaman : 424 hal

Novel Negeri 5 Menara karya Ahmad Fuadi yang merupakan novel best seller ini, menceritakan kisah lima orang sahabat yang mondok di sebuah pesantren yaitu Pondok Madani (PM). Novel best seller ini merupakan novel pertama dari trilogi yang secara apik bercerita tentang dunia pendidikan khas pesantren, lengkap dengan segala pernak-pernik kehidupan para santrinya.

Alif Fikri adalah seorang yang sangat menginginkan sekolah di SMA Bukittinggi Sumatera Barat dengan berbekal nilai ujian yang lumayan bagus. Namun mimpinya seakan sirna, musnah tak berbekas, karena Amaknya tidak mengijinkan. Beliau ingin Alif sekolah di Madrasah Aliyah yang berbasik agama, dengan alasan Amak ingin Alif menjadi Ustad (Ulama). Dengan setengah hati, Alif menerima keinginan Amaknya untuk sekolah agama.

Awal mulanya dia sangatkaget dengan segala peraturan ketat dan kegiatan pondok. Untunglah, dia menemukan sahabat-sahabat dari berbagai daerah yang benar² menyenangkan. Niatan setengah hatinya kini telah menjadi bulat. Di bawah menara PM inilah mereka berlima justru menciptakan mimpi²i lewat imajinasinya menatapi langit dan merangkai awan-awan menjadi negeri impian. Mereka yakin kelak impian itu akan terwujud. Karena mereka yakin akan mantra ampuh yang mereka dapatkan dari Kyai Rais (Guru Besar PM), yaitu man jadda wajada, siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh akan berhasil.

Kelebihan novel ini adalah mengubah pola pikir kita tentang kehidupan pondok yang hanya belajar agama saja. Karena dalam novel ini selain belajar ilmu agama, ternyata juga belajar ilmu umum seperti bahasa inggris, arab, kesenian dll. Pelajaran yang dapat dipetik adalah jangan pernah meremehkan sebuah impian setinggi apapun itu, karena allah Maha mendengar doa dari umatNya.

So the Explanation of the British Course on Review Text. Hopefully by reading our explanation above can add to the understanding of this material. Okay enough so, and thanks for the visit. If you have any questions or comments regarding this material please leave a comment ..

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