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Recount Text (Penjelasan dan Contoh)

Saya yakin sobat yang masih duduk di bangku SMP atau SMA Membutuhkan penjelasan yang menarik dan mudah dipahami tentang materi Recount Text. Tenang saja sobat.. kali ini saya sedang berusaha menyajikannya buat sobat semua. Silahkah baca artikel ini dengan terlebih dahulu berdo’a, semoga apa yang kita pelajari bisa membuat kita bisa menguasai bahasa Inggris, amin…

Jika kita belajar narrative text, kita akan menemukan sebuah komplikasi atau masalah yang muncul dalam sebuah cerita (story); hal ini berbeda dengan recount text. Tau gak apa bedanya? Oke saya lanjutkan, dalam recount text, yang ada hanya sebuah peristiwa saja (event); serta urutan-urutan ceritanya tertata rapi. (Note: Mohon maaf saya guru bahasa Inggris yang masih baru, kalau saya lebih setuju jika recount text ini disebut sebagai nenek moyang narrative text. Meskipun dalam linguistics saya belum menemukan ‘kata yang pas’ untuk jenis teks ini).

Untuk lebih jelas, mari kita pahami keterangan berikut.

Recount Text

Pengertian Recount Text

Secara bahasa, recount bermakna “menceritakan”. Jadi recount text dapat diartikan sebagai “Text yang menceritakan”. Jika kita mengacu pada keterangan di buku-buku sekolah recount text adalah a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. Its goal is to entertaining or informing the reader. (sebuah teks yang menceritakan sebuah cerita, tindakan ataupun aktifitas. Tujuan recount text yaitu untuk menghibur atau menginformasikan pembaca.)

Generic Structure of Recount Text

# Orientation : It gives the readers the background information needed to understand the text, such as who was involved, where it happened, and when it happened. (Ini memberikan informasi kepada pembaca mengenai latar belakang yang diperlukan untuk memahami teks, seperti siapa yang terlibat, di mana hal itu terjadi, dan kapan peristiwa itu terjadi).
# Events : A series of events, ordered in a chronological sequence. (Serangkaian peristiwa yang disusun dalam urutan kronologis.)
# Re-orientation :A personal comment about the event or what happened in the end. (Sebuah komentar pribadi tentang peristiwa tersebut atau apa yang terjadi pada akhir peristiwa itu).

Purpose of Recount text

Tujuan komunikatif dari recount text adalah untuk menceritakan pengalaman atau kejadian dan peristiwa yang terjadi pada masa lalu secara kronologis atau secara berurutan dengan tujuan untuk entertain atau menghibur pembaca atau pendengar. Dalam bahasa Inggris, tujuan recount text:

The purpose of a recount is to list and describe past experiences by retelling events in the order in which they happened (chronological order). Recounts are written to retell events with the purpose of either informing or entertaining their audience (or both)

Language Feature on Recount Text (Ciri-ciri bahasanya)

– Using the simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense.
– Using temporal sequence, e.g. On Saturday. On Monday, On Sunday
– Focus on specific participant, e.g. I (the writer)
– Using the conjunctions, such as: then, before, after, etc.
– Using action verd, e.g. went, stayed

2 Contoh Recount Text

My Holiday
Last week I went to Mount Bromo. I stayed at my friend’s house in Probolinggo, East Java. The house has a big garden with colorful flowers and a small pool.
In the morning, my friend and I saw Mount Batok. The scenery was very beautiful. We rode on horseback. It was scary, but it was fun. Then, we went to get a closer look at the mountain. We took pictures of the beautiful scanery there. After that, we took a rest and had lunch under a big tree. Before we got home, we went to the zoo at Wonokromo. We went home in the afternoon.
We were very tired. However, I think it was really fun to have a holiday like this. I hope my next holiday will be more intersting.

Vacation to London

Mr. Richard’s family was on vacation. They are Mr. and Mrs. Richard with two sons. They went to London. They saw their travel agent and booked their tickets. They went to the British Embassy to get visas to enter Britain. They had booked fourteen days tour. This includes travel and accommodation. They also included tours around London. They boarded a large Boeing flight. The flight was nearly fourteen hours.
On the plane the cabin crews were very friendly. They gave them news paper and magazine to read. They gave them food and drink. There was a film for their entertainment. They had a very pleasant flight. They slept part of the way.
On arrival at Heathrow Airport, they had to go to Customs and Immigration. The officers were pleasant. They checked the document carefully but their manners were very polite. Mr. Richard and his family collected their bags and went to London Welcome Desk. They arranged the transfer to a hotel.
The hotel was a well-known four-star hotel. The room had perfect view of the park. The room had its own bathroom and toilet. Instead of keys for the room, they inserted a key-card to open the door. On the third floor, there was a restaurant serving Asian and European food. They had variety of food.
The two week in London went by fast. At the end of the 14-day, they were quite tired but they felt very happy.

My First Experience to Ride Motorcycle
ditulis oleh Resdwitarini

One day, when I was ten years old, my father bought an old motorcycle. That was ” Honda 75″. I think it was small light object and easy to ride it. I persuaded my father to teach me to ride ” Honda 75 “. Firstly, my father refused my request and promised that he would teach me two or three years later, but I still whimpered. Finally, my father surrendered and promised to teach me.

He began to teach me riding the motorcycle around a field in my village. My father was very patient to give me some directions. I was very happy when I realized my ability to ride a motorcycle. ” Yes, I can “.

One day later, when I was alone at home, I intended to try my riding ability. So, myself tried bravely. All ran fluently in the beginning, but when I was going back to my home and I must passed through a narrow slippery street, I got nervous. I lost my control and I fell to the ditch.

After that, I told my father about the last accident. I imagined my father would be angry and never let me ride again. But the reality is exactly on the contrary, my father was very proud of me. He just gave me some advices and since that accident, I got my father’s permission to ride motorcycle.

Semoga penjelasan mengenai recount text di atas dapat menjadi bahan pelajaran yang dapat membantu meningkatkan kemampuan (skill) bahasa Inggris sobat semua. Mudah bukan? Intinya dalam recount text ini isi cerita biasanya berurutan, seperti contoh-contoh di atas, itu saja kalau menurut saya.

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