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Hallo my beloved Englsih students.
What is your activity today? Do you still have time to study English. Here we will study English again. Are you ready to study English? Ready? Yes, Excellent. English is so exiting, right?. You must feel happy in learning English. It’s also very important for us guys. By having good competence in English, you will have a better future. Oke, Let’s learn it again here. Never give up to be excellent English speaker, guys. If we master English, we will make our parent proud to us. I am sure you want to make your parent proud to you, right?

In this night, I want to share English lesson video. Before you watch this video, you can prepare a glass of tea to accompany you watch this video. I hope you can enjoy this video. I want to share this video because this video in very useful for you in learning English. This video is very interesting. I am sure you will not feel bored to watch this video. Let’s study English together here by watching this video together. Ok, Check it out..

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As we’ve said before, when speaking English, it’s important to think about who and how you communicate with someone. This is what we call context and register.

Watch this video to find out six more top tips to to help you think about how and what we say. Then visit our website and test your understanding in our quiz:

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As we’ve said before, when speaking English, it’s important to think about who and how you communicate with someone. This is what we call context and register – and we have six more tips to help you think about how and what we say.

The sound of your speech is an important consideration when speaking. The way in which your voice rises or falls and the individual words you stress when you talk, can all have an effect on what you’re trying to say.

The language and style used in written English is different from that used in spoken English. Spoken English can have repetitions, self-corrections, incomplete sentences and interruptions. Writing, on the other hand, won’t have the features of spoken language and is usually more complex and more structured.

Think about the message you’re trying to convey. This may vary according to the situation you’re in. Are you trying to complain or praise someone – are you upset or happy? Are you trying to be polite? The answers to these questions will have an influence on the type of language you use.

Before you even say a word, your body language can say a lot. Think about the way you stand or sit and the gestures you give with your hands. Hand movements can also help you explain your words but be sure to use appropriate gestures.

Be careful when translating from your own language. It’s tempting to say something that you translate directly from your language – but this can cause problems because the meaning may be different. It’s best to think about what you’re going to say before you say it – maybe test it out on a friend.

Finally, when speaking English to someone, consider the cultural differences between your home country and the UK. What is considered acceptable to speak about in one culture may not be acceptable in another. This student from Romania makes a good point…

I went up to this friendly looking woman at a party and I introduced myself. Then I asked her, ‘How much do you earn?’ She didn’t answer my question but it’s OK to ask that question in my country.”

So remember, a lot of communication is about the way you say something as well as the language and words you use so get this right and you’ll be on the way to speaking English naturally. Good luck!

Ok. That’s the English lesson video. Do you like it? Are you satisfied? What do you think about this video? I hope by learning English here, your English skill be better.

Why studying any language by watching video is important for us? of course, it is very important, because by watching video we will feel enjoy, we will also not feel bored in learning process, especially in learning English. We don’t need to open a book, we just, listen and watch. It is very simple right.

One important thing that you must remember, you must always increase your English skill. And don’t forget to practice your English, because English is habit. If you always practice to speak English, I am sure you will master English. Actually, English in not difficult, English is very easy, if we learn English diligently. Ok, I think that’s all. See ya…

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