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Islamic Story – Qabil & Habil

Saya yakin sobat pasti dah pernah denger atau membaca tentang cerita Qobil dan Habil, entah itu denger cerita waktu masih duduk di bangku SD atau baca artikel tentang kisah ini. Tapi kalau versi Englishnya belom pernah baca kan. Kalo blom mari kita baca pelan2 dan jangan luca baca basmallah dulu, hehe..

Adam had two sons called Habil and Qabil. Adam thought that Habil, the younger son, should take over after him. But Qabil didn’t like this idea and was very jealous. To settle the argument Adam thought of an idea. He told his sons to think of a present to give to Allah and to leave it on top of a certain hill.

The one whose present Allah accepted, would win the argument. Allah chose Habil’s present because Habil had taken a lot of time and trouble to choose his present.

Qabil was very upset and angry. He was so angry that he killed his own brother. Afterwards, when he realised what he had done, he cried and cried but it was too late to be sorry.

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