Islamic Story – Nabi Yusuf di Mesir

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Bagi sobat yang dulunya sekolah di MI atau Diniyah, pasti sudah pernah denger cerita Nabi yusuf dari guru kalian. Gimana masih inget gak??? Cerita ini mengisahkan Nabi Yusuf di Mesir yang ketemu dengan Raja Mesir dan Zulaikha. Sungguh romantis sekali kisah ini.

Oke saya sajikan kisahnya dalam bahasa inggris. silahkan sobat baca biar tambah lancar bahasa inggrisnya.. oke..

The Pharaoh of Egypt called Firawn had many people working for him. One of his assistants had a very wicked wife who said many things about Yusuf that were quite untrue. She thought she loved him but he told her that she should honour her husband.

She became very angry and persuaded her husband to have Yusuf put in prison. While he was in prison, Yusuf used to tell everyone what their dreams meant and his explanation of the dreams always came true.

Allah had given Yusuf this great gift. Firawn kept having a strange dream and none of his wise men could explain what it meant. Then Firawn heard of Yusuf’s great gift and sent for him. Yusuf would not leave the prison until he had proven his innocence. Firawn had an inquiry and discovered that Yusuf really was innocent, so he was able to leave prison.

Firawn’s dream was most unusual. In it, he saw seven skinny cows eat seven big fat ones and there were seven skinny ears of wheat and seven fat ears of wheat. Yusuf explained that this meant there would be seven years of plenty but seven years of famine would follow, when there would be no water and no food for anyone.

After that there would be a year of rain. Firawn liked and trusted Yusuf so he put him in charge of all the store houses in the land. Yusuf had worked himself up to a very powerful position. Allah always rewards good people. Yusuf worked hard; he made sure the store houses were filled with wheat and grain. Just as he had said, there were seven years of plenty. Those years passed very quickly. Soon the seven years of famine came. The crops failed. People were hungry. Others were starving.

Yusuf had planned for this. He opened his stores and let everyone have some of the wheat. Back in Palestine, Israil too was facing a hard time with no food for his family or the animals. He sent his sons to Egypt to get grain from the famous treasurer of Egypt. When they arrived they were told that they must get permission from the governor to buy grain.

They went to see him, but did not realise that the fine man, in splendid robes was really their brother. He told them they could have some grain, but if they wanted any more, they would have to come with their youngest brother and parents.

Yusuf had recognised them straight away and he longed to see his father, mother and young brother Benjamin again. Eventually the eleven brothers returned with their mother and father. They bowed down before Yusuf. Yusuf put his father on his throne and reminded him of the dream he had had so long ago. The sun, the moon and eleven stars had bowed down before him just as his father, mother and brothers had done at this meeting, This was a great moment in his life and he thanked Allah, for all He had done for him.

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