Islamic Story – Nabi Yaqub & Nabi Yusuf

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Cetita ini lumayan menyedihkan. Cerita tentang Nabi Ya’qub dan Putranya Nabi Yusuf. Nabi yusuf adalah anak yang sangat rupawan. Sangking rupawannya sampai membuat saudara2nya merasa dengki padanya. Oke silahkan baca ceritanya, dan jangan lupa baca basmalah dulu, hehehe..
Yaqub’s children could see that Yusuf was their father’s favourite. This made them very jealous. They became so jealous, some of them actually wanted to kill him. The jealous brothers finally decided to throw Yusuf into a deep well.

They went to Yaqub, their father, to ask if they could take Yusuf out with them; they said they would teach him to be a good shepherd. Yaqub would not let Yusuf go because he thought the others were planning to do something bad.

One day Yusuf went to Yaqub and said that he had had a strange dream. In the dream Yusuf had seen the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowing down to him!

Yaqub felt that the dream had a message, Yusuf was going to have a great future. He told Yusuf not to tell his brothers about the dream. Yaqub’s son were still thinking of their plan to kill Yusuf.

They pestered Yaqub to let them take Yusuf with them to their work. At last Yaqub agreed, but he made them promise to look after him. They were so bad they knew they would break their promise.

At the end of the day they asked Yusuf to take off his shirt. They killed a sheep and put blood all over Yusuf’s shirt; then they threw Yusuf into a well. They went home and showed the shirt to Yaqub.

Pretending to be very upset; they told their father that Yusuf had got left behind and a wolf had eaten him!

Yaqub was very upset but he did not believe the story. He knew that one day Allah would bring Yusuf back to him.

Poor Yusuf spent the night in the well. The next morning, when someone put the bucket down the well to get water, he sat in the bucket.
The man had to get help to pull the bucket up. He was very surprised to see a boy in it. The man was a merchant. The merchant decided to take Yusuf with him to Egypt and to sell him as a slave.

When they arrived in Egypt, one of the noble families bought Yusuf. The man who bought him told his wife that they should take care of him, as he was a good-looking child and they had no
children of their own.

Yusuf became one of the family.

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