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Ayo membaca kisah Nabi lagi sobat. Biar mendapatkan berkah.
Kali ini kita akan mempelajari kisah Nabi Shaleh. Bagi yang belom pernah dengar cerita tentang Nabi Shaleh, silahkan baca. Bagi yang sudah pernah dengar cerita tentang Nabi Shaleh, silahkan baca juga, hehehe. Biar tambah melekat di hati. Selain itu ini Ditulis dalam bahasa inggris, pasti kesannya berbeda. Oke, selamat membaca..

The people of Thamud lived in a valley called al-Hajr in the north of Arabia. It was a good land
so everything grew very easily. Cattle and sheep grazed on the land. Everyone had plenty of everything.

When people have a lot they sometimes forget who provides everything, they sometimes forget Allah. When this happens Allah sends a messenger or a prophet to try to help the people.

To the people of Thamud, Allah sent Salih. Salih told the people to remember Allah but a lot of people just laughed at him and would not listen. He did not give up. He still tried to persuade them to worship Allah and soon people began to listen. They realised Salih was right.

The leaders of Thamud were upset by this. They did not want people to listen to Salih. They did not believe Salih was sent by Allah. They wanted him to prove it, they wanted a sign. They told Salih to bring them a camel but it had to be a special camel.

Salih prayed to Allah and Allah sent the special camel. The camel gave lots and lots of milk so all the poor people had enough to drink, and they were very happy. The leaders of Thamud became angry again to see Salih and his followers so happy. They decided to kill the camel.

Salih told them that Allah would punish them. Salih took all the good people away from the valley. A terrible earthquake came and destroyed the valley and all the bad people. If they had listened to Salih they would have been saved.

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