Islamic Story – Nabi Nuh

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh😊


Hallow sobat semua. Kali ini saya akan menyajikan kisah tentang Nabi Nuh. Kalo sobat membaca kisah ini pasti sobat akan merasa ngeri sekali. Saya aja merasa gimana gitu ketika mendengar kisah ini.
Penasaran kan? Oke silahkan baca kisahnya berikut ini..

After many years Adam had grandchildren and even great grandchildren. There were now lots of people on earth. Many of them obeyed Allah but some were not so good and did just what they wanted to do all the time.

This made Allah very unhappy. Allah chose Nuh, a good man, to tell the people that what they were doing was wrong. But they wouldn’t listen to him and carried on doing bad things. Allah decided that all the naughty people should be punished. He told Nuh to build a big ark near his house.

Nuh quickly got busy choosing good wood and building it up into a fine ark. A lot of people laughed at him but he did not take any notice of them, because Allah had told him what to do.

When he had finished, he put lots of food into the ark and collected the good people together.
They also took lots of animals with them into the ark, two of every kind.

One day, all of a sudden, the sky went very dark and it started to rain. Lightly at first, then more and more heavily. Soon there was water everywhere. The bad people were not laughing any more. They were frightened because they had no shelter from the water.

Only the good people in the ark were safe and dry.

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