How to Continue to Learn British English in England

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For English learner, continuing study in England is very wonderful. Many English learner including me have big dream to study in England. Some the reasons are England is the country where English derives from. Many countries that use English as their national language is caused by the country becomes the colony of England in the past, for example Singapore, Australia, South Africa, etc. England also beautiful country that has many historical place.

However, How to study English in England? Is it easy to study English there? Is there any possibility for us that has financial problem? These are the question that is in our mind. After I made research about this, I conclude that studying English in England is not easy. We now that registrant of some university in England is rejected. We also have to have much money to go there. But I think there is still opportunity for us.
Something must we do are :

1. Collecting information
We must collect information about what university we want to register. How much the college fee in that university. We can choose the lowest college fee in that university. We can also search information about the scholarship. If this university offer scholarship, we can considered this university to register.

2. Improving English skill.
Because we will study in England, of course we must have good English skill. We can study ourselves, or taking English course. We can read English article as much as possible. We can memorize vocabulary as much as possible. Or do something that you like that can improve your English skill, for example, listening English songs, watching film, etc.

3. Preparing part-time job
If you are accepted in one of university in England, you must ready to do part time job there. Why? It’s because college fee and living cost in English is very expensive. By doing part time job you can get some money to survive there.

It very important in early time to learn English before going to England. I have some tips that you can try to improve your English skill.

1. Speak English with your family.
It’s very useful because someone who are very close with us is family. You can speak English with your parent, your brother or your sister.

2. Make a diary in English
It is a simple and enjoyable thing but we will get good skill in writing without having tired.

3. Read English magazine.
It is also enjoyable thing that you can try.

4. Listening English radio
By listening English radio, you will get many advantages. You will get informative news, it can also hone your listening English skill.

That is my tips for everyone who want to continue to lean English in England. I hope it is useful.

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