Exemplum Text; Definition, Purposes, Generic Structures, Language Features

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Exemplum Text adalah sejenis text yang biasanya menjelaskan tentang kejadian yang tidak umum terjadi yang bertujuan untuk menjelaskan fenomena dalam masyarakat tertentu.

Definition of Exemplum Text

Exemplum Text is a kind of genre used to deal with incidents that are in some respects out of the usual, point to some general values in the cultural context.

Generic Structure of Exemplum Text

# Abstract (sometimes also known as synopsis)
# Orientation
# Incidents
# Judgements
# Re-orientation

The Characteristics / Language Feature of Exemplum Text

– It usually uses conjunctive relations both temporal and logical.
– It usually uses exospheric reference (especially in Abstract or synopsis)
– It usually uses of material and action process to explore the incidents.
– It uses relational process in order to explore judgements.
– It uses text reference and lexical ties to point to values suggested by events.


Living on Aboriginal Reserves in the Past

It happened quite a lot – any time that white people would come to the place, the word would get straight around “Lookout, here’s the welfare or Look out, here’s the police; and immediately we’d head bush.

They were always treated with suspicion because of the days not too long before, when I was a kid, when they’d just come there and take the kids away.

Mom used to tell me what used to happen, you know and whose kids were taken and where they went to.

It was a fear that was maintained and it’s a fear maintained for most aboriginal people today. The suspicion of white people and their authority. The reason is due to white people just come into the mission and just stood over people, took kids away and laid their own law down.

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