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Hallo Everybody.
Do you still have spirit to master English?? I hope you still enjoy in learning it. Because by having good competence in English, you will have a better future. Oke, Let’s learn it again here. Never give up to be excellent English speaker, guys. If we master English, we will make our parent proud to us. I am sure you want to make your parent proud to you, right?

In this night, I want to share English lesson video. I hope you can enjoy this video. I want to share this video because this video in very useful for you in learning English. This video is very interesting. I am sure you will not feel bored to watch this video. Let’s study English together here by watching this video together. Ok, Check it out..

Description and transcript of the video above
Ielts Speaking Test (Band 7-8) Part 1,2,3: Topic 2: Working life & Children, education. Learning today, leading tomorrow.

►Part 1

1. Could you tell me what you do for a living?
2. What are your responsibilities at work?
3. What is the most interesting part of your work?
4. Is there anything you don’t like about your job?
5. Is your job very important to you?
6. Would you like to change your job?
7. Do you often get together with your colleagues (workmates) after work?

►Part 2: Children

Describe a child you know
You should say:
– How you know him or her?
– What he or she like to do?
– What kind of person he/she is?
– And explain how do you feel about this child

►Part 3: Children, education and play

1. How do you think children benefit from playing toys?
2. What do you think about children playing electronic games?
3. What do you think are the differences between home schooling and studying in school?
4. Why do you think learning theoretical material is emphasized more than learning practical skills?
5. Do you think the education in China should be reformed?
6. Who usually disciplines children in Chinese families, the mother or the father?
7. Do you think it’s a good idea for children to aim to be professional athlete?

Ok. That’s the English lesson video. Do you like it? Are you satisfied? What do you think about this video? I hope by learning English here, your English skill be better.

Why studying any language by watching video is important for us? of course, it is very important, because by watching video we will feel enjoy, we will also not feel bored in learning process, especially in learning English. We don’t need to open a book, we just, listen and watch. It is very simple right.

One important thing that you must remember, you must always increase your English skill. And don’t forget to practice your English, because English is habit. If you always practice to speak English, I am sure you will master English. Actually, English in not difficult, English is very easy, if we learn English diligently. Ok, I think that’s all. See ya….

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