Cooking, One Way to Develop Yourself and Reduce Stress

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Jakarta, Britishcourse – It seems that the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended in Indonesia. As a result, many office workers have returned to extend work at home, aka work from home (WFH). No need to worry, as long as WHF there are many ways to keep us happy, one of which is cooking.

This is also what Chef Andry Abboud did. For Abboud, cooking has many functions, including: helping self-development, increasing creativity, increasing patience, calming the heart, relieving stress, and making people happy.

“I always say that the kitchen is a different world, a world with its own rules of play. I always encourage people by saying, ‘There’s almost nothing wrong in our kitchen’ My kitchen, my rules! That’s because in the kitchen at home, we can be ourselves, to be creative without limits. Isn’t it happy to be ourselves in the world we create? ” Abboud said in Jakarta, Thursday (11/2/2021).

This graduate from the Bandung Tourism College, West Java, explained that eating is a necessity of life, while cooking is an option. Therefore, if we make life choices, we can do it wholeheartedly. This is what makes when we cook it will make us happy.

Abboud said that the right to choose also exists when we prepare menus, determine the taste, make ourselves and our families feel the pleasure of eating, add new experiences by trying new menus, and so on. There is no special menu to support happiness. Because self-confidence is one of the factors that support happiness when cooking.

“It is enough with a menu that we like or that makes us interested in trying to cook. Usually menus are mainstays, trends, or challenges that can make us feel more like we have an achievement. The feeling of being successful and proud of the results of these dishes makes us more confident. Self-confidence is one of the factors that support happiness in the kitchen, “he said.

Related to research that eating cooked food makes us happy, Abboud explained, for some people it is true that eating cooked food can make us happy. Because some other people are sometimes quite satisfied and happy to see family and friends enjoying the results of our cooking.

“I personally can taste both. I am happy with eating the results of my cooking, and I am happy to see people like and finish my cooking,” he explained.

Abboud advised that people who are fond of cooking must understand that there is nothing wrong in the kitchen. Because when we cook, we and our families like the results of our cooking, so… no one can blame. But the world of cooking is a world of knowledge without boundaries. There is always something new in it.

“So, keep learning to develop. Never feel enough cooking knowledge. Put your ego aside and keep learning. Assessment is always there and comes in layers. Our own assessments, family, friends and society. Be ready to go through every layer of assessment as the science of cooking develops. us, “he said.

Ichiro Sakakura, President Director of Ajinomoto Indonesia, said that his party will continue to commit and contribute amid the Covid-19 pandemic. One of them is increasing people’s happiness through menus presented through the latest Corporate Movie.

The cuisine menu from Ajinomoto can also be seen on the website, “There are a variety of menus that can be cooked by Indonesians, especially for those of you who are confused looking for food inspiration in the midst of this pandemic,” he explained.

Dapur Umami is Ajinomoto Indonesia’s platform for everyone to get a variety of practical, delicious and nutritious menu references that have been around since 2011.

“We want to continue to contribute to the people of Indonesia, even in the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and adapt to New Habits,” said Ichiro.

“Through various delicious and nutritionally balanced menus from Dapur Umami – Ajinomoto Indonesia, we represent our passion to unite families by cooking and eating delicious nutritious food, of course with our products and services, and we ensure that this pandemic and new habitual situation does not cause our enthusiasm decreased, “he concluded.


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