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Speaking Lesson – Conversation about Waiting for an Invitation

Hallo everybody. Why have not you learned English seriously? Many people seem reluctant to learn English. They say English in school just as a lesson for exam, yet I am not working in a field that requires English skill. Or, ah, I do not like English because it’s dificult, complicated and need more understanding. Duh,

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Soal Listening Section SMK 2010

Hallo sobat british. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya mau membagikan Soal Listening Section SMK 2011 Lengkap dengan Audio. Saya yakin banyak guru maupun siswa siswi yang membutuhkan Soal Listening Section SMK 2010 Lengkap dengan Audio. terutama siswa siswi yang sekarang duduk di bangku kelas XII. Sobat bisa gunakan materi ini untuk belajar listening biar ujian

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